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Backpacker poems - on returning from Cyprus

Grounded I

There are shoes on my feet,
A scarf around my neck.

The bikini’s in the drawer,
The flip flops in the closet.

My passport is in hiding,
Only pounds are in my purse.

I had to set my watch back,
Back to the real world.

Grounded II

I feel I am a stranger,

Perusing a foreign land,


A little poetry on a Friday - Working the 9-5 and TGIF

I haven’t yet had the chance to write about my trip to New York.  In the meantime, here are a couple of poems (of questionable quality) which I whisked up whilst bored at work this morning:



Thank god it’s Friday,
I’ve had enough.
Time to clear away,
And get rid of all my stuff.
The boot sale is a [...]